A right triangle has a vertex at point M and a height of 5 units. The base of the triangle is on MN←→− and is 3 units long. One of vertices of the triangle is at M.Use the Polygon tool to draw the triangle.Each segment on the grid represents 1 unit.

Accepted Solution

Answer:We are given a triangle having vertex at point M.The base of the triangle is MN which is 3 units long.Now, the height of the triangle is given as 5 units.So, plotting a line starting at M, which is 5 units long towards the left or right will give us the height of the triangle.Moreover, as the base is 3 units long.We will have that the point N is 3 units down or up from the point M.Using Pythagoras theorem, get that the length of the third side is 5.8 units.After joining these points and constructing straight lines, we will get the following right angles triangle having base 3 units and height 5 units.